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Information for retailers

Retail businesses do NOT need to take any action regarding the ban, except if you manufacture your own products or import directly.

However, retail staff and brand representatives are often the ones answering consumer questions and providing advice on purchases, so it’s important you can provide your customers with accurate information should they enquire. We recommend briefing your team using the factsheet and resources provided.

Retail businesses and staff can also contact the National Retail Association on 1800 844 946.

Cosmetic manufacturers and retailers who make their own products should already be aware of the ban and Australian safety regulations regarding cosmetic ingredients.

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Information for manufacturers and importers

Animal testing to support the introduction of chemicals used solely in cosmetic products was banned in Australia on 1 July 2020 with the commencement of the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019. The legislation is enforced by on a manufacturing level by Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), which is the national regulator of the importation and manufacture of industrial chemicals in Australia.

Introducing a cosmetic chemical to Australia

The Australian Government requires a range of information about a chemical’s safety when it is introduced into Australia. If you manufacture a product (even if you do this overseas) you are responsible for registering it. If importing a cosmetic ingredient that is manufactured by another brand, the importer is responsible. Read more about your obligations >

Limited exceptions

The ban on using animal test data for ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics, applies in all circumstances apart from 3 limited exceptions. Exceptions are consistent with the European Union’s regulation and are necessary to protect human health and the environment. Read more about the limited exceptions >

Making not tested on animals claims

Businesses should already be aware that any advertising claims you make must abide by Australian Consumer Law, enforced by the ACCC. Under the law, claims must not be false or misleading, and this includes claims about animal testing. Read more about claims on the ACCC website >

Accord Australasia has developed a Voluntary Industry Code with cosmetic manufacturers and brands to provide best practice guidance to businesses regarding animal testing claims.

Need help? Businesses can call the National Retail Association on 1800 817 723


Who is the National Retail Association?

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